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Empowering Your Business Through IT Excellence

Alert IT Solutions, Inc. leverages its extensive experience and strong reputation to attract top-tier talent, including seeking rewarding opportunities in government contracting. Our solid online presence on leading recruiting platforms ensures a steady influx of motivated candidates seeking career growth and challenging opportunities.

Comprehensive Headhunting

Since 1994, Alert IT Solutions, Inc.'s dedicated 24/7 headhunting team actively sources and recruits local and national candidates. We specialize in engaging talented passive candidates, leveraging subcontracting partners compliant with state regulations. Our advanced AI-powered talent intelligence platform system supports a vast internal database of over nine thousand pre-screened IT professionals.

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IT Capabilities

Alert IT excels in a comprehensive range of IT capabilities, including .NET development, application development, Big Data expertise, business analysis, and proficiency in business intelligence tools. Our competencies extend to data architecture, governance, warehousing, database administration, Java development, mobile and responsive design, open-source solutions, program and project management, quality assurance, security engineering, systems administration, and advanced expertise in systems and network engineering. Additionally, our team includes certified voice and data engineers with specialization in cloud, DevOps, and virtualization technologies.

IT Consulting

As a company established and led by software engineers and highly qualified management professionals holding advanced degrees in Information Technology and MBA credentials, Alert IT Solutions, Inc. aligns seamlessly with our customers. We prioritize 'mission-critical' and bring unwavering commitment to project success. Our extensive track record and tech-savvy team set Alert IT Solutions, Inc. apart in a competitive landscape.

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Alert IT Solutions, Inc.

Why Choose Us?

Exceptional Talent Pool

Benefit from our extensive internal database housing over nine thousand pre-screened IT professionals, ensuring a robust and qualified talent pool.

Faster Delivery

Our proactive sourcing and vast talent networks enable us to fill job openings swiftly, typically within 24 to 48 hours, surpassing industry standards.

Productivity and Performance

Our meticulous assessment of candidates' technical skills and industry knowledge ensures optimal matching, enhancing overall project productivity and performance.

Customer Success Experience

Beyond talent provision, we offer valuable insights, technical expertise, and customer knowledge at the agency level, enhancing government program success.

Peace of Mind

Alert IT Solutions, Inc. constructs proficient project teams tailored to meet the unique requirements of government agencies, ensuring the successful execution of awarded contracts.

Custom Solutions

At Alert IT, we cater to your unique needs with our Application Development services, guiding you from analysis to development. Our Agile or Waterfall methodologies are tailored to your project and business requirements, ensuring effective and superior application development services. Our services include roadmap planning, architecture design, prototyping, development, testing, deployment, support, API development, and mobile development for Android and iOS platforms.

Business Benefits

  • Gain a competitive edge with applications designed for strategic advantage.
  • Tailor solutions to meet specific business goals.
  • Accelerate transaction processing through seamless integration.
    Enable tracking, monitoring, and measurement of activities.
  • Leverage existing investments efficiently.
  • Ensure accurate progress measurement through a methodical approach.
  • Attain business goals swiftly and cost-effectively.

App Modernization

Maximize the value of your existing portfolio with our application modernization services. From application rationalization to transformation strategy, Alert IT supports legacy modernization through services such as portfolio evaluation, business capability assessment, prototyping, roadmap planning, and more.

Business Benefits

  • Capitalize on existing investments when feasible.
  • Attain clarity in required investments and business transformation.
  • Develop a roadmap for modernizing processes and technologies.
  • Simplify the existing legacy application portfolio.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Improve efficiency with our RPA services, using modern tools and AI to automate business processes. From architecture design to bot development and testing, Alert IT ensures seamless integration of RPA with cognitive technologies, enhancing automation across diverse industries.

Business Benefits

  • Accelerate transaction speed and reduce human errors.
  • Support revenue growth without increased staff costs.
  • Implement low-cost and easily deployable RPA solutions.
  • Supercharge automation with cognitive technologies.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Optimize your business operations with our ERP system services, providing integration, customization, and maintenance for COTS applications. Whether it's Oracle, SAP, or other ERP products, Alert IT enhances functionality, improves productivity, and lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Business Benefits

  • Deliver robust and best-in-class business functionality.
  • Leverage standard application solutions for efficiency.
  • Enable smarter and more efficient employee workflows.
  • Improve productivity and lower TCO.
  • Reduce back-office costs through standardized processes.

Cyber Security

Protect your organization from evolving cyber threats with Alert IT's custom security consulting and cyber security solutions. From threat intelligence to systems security assessment, we help detect and remediate cyber threats while simplifying security operations.

Business Benefits

  • Improve compliance with effective cyber security measures.
  • Detect and remediate cyber threats faster.
  • Reduce fraud, theft, and data leakage.
  • Simplify security operations for enhanced efficiency.
  • Establish operating procedures for cyber-attacks.

Application Integration

Ensure seamless connectivity between applications with Alert IT's application integration services. Our approach considers both short and long-term perspectives, addressing current needs and future requirements.

Business Benefits

  • Achieve application value through effective integration.
  • Synchronize data for consistency across applications.
  • Enhance user experience and digital transformation.
  • Automate manual processes for increased efficiency.

Application Programming Interface (API) Development

Empower your business with customized API solutions from Alert IT. Our API development enhances automation, personalization, and data accessibility for improved user experiences.

Business Benefits

  • Automate manual processes for increased productivity.
  • Customize content and services for personalized experiences.
  • Make government-generated information available to all citizens.
  • Enhance efficiency through automated content publication and distribution.